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Webhooks are available in our Developer Premium and Enterprise plans.

Yes. DigitalOpeners supports WebHooks to automatically send a payload based on the event to the configured URL in real-time.

The Cloud Directory API is available in our Enterprise plans which allow bulk data retrieval via API.

The DigitalOpeners data migration service allows you to import customer profile data from another application/service/database into the DigitalOpeners database by uploading a CSV file and mapping desired fields to DigitalOpeners data fields.

Yes, The DigitalOpeners Javascript Libraries are structured to be easily extensible with third-party client side scripts. In addition to this DigitalOpeners directly maintains prebuilt libraries for common industry standard tracking, chat and other client side services.

Yes, one can integrate to any 3rd party applications. Check out our integrations page for more details.

We have email support across all our plans and chat support for our Developer Premium users. Under our Enterprise and Developer Premium plans, we also have various levels of implementation support to streamline the deployment process.

Our Self Serve Data Migration service allows you to migrate your existing user data to your DigitalOpeners cloud storage. Using this feature users are uploaded via CSV into the DigitalOpeners admin console with a configurable field mapping.

For larger migrations or to migrate existing passwords in our Developer premium or Enterprise plans, a dedicated migration team will work with you to ensure that your data is ingested into DigitalOpeners seamlessly.

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