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DigitalOpeners is the best Php training and development Institute in Jaipur, for students to build their career in web technology and IT industry.

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About PHP Training

At DigitalOpeners you are given the choice to build your own IT career. We help you nurture your programming knowledge, skills and build a successful path for your long and progressive career. Live Project Training or Industrial Training is another feather in cap for our PHP training institute, due to working in web and IT industry; you are given a chance to work on real Live Projects of web design, development and integration.

You have an advantage of learning the entire PHP MySql from basic to advanced level along with object oriented methods which will ensure you better understand making you clear all the concepts, in turn converting YOU into The Master Of PHP.

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Certified PHP Programmer Training Structure

Fundamentals of PHP

Get basic information on PHP, Computer programming, SQL Queries, web designing, and programming.

DATABASE Connectivity

Gain information on Database terminology, MySQL Database and learn Database network using DBMS and RDBMS, PHP and MySQL.

Learn CSS

Learn how to apply CSS to a web page including backgrounds, classes, and ID, pseudo-classes, margins and padding etc.

Applicability to Industrial Projects

learn how to coordinate with web services, shopping cart, implanting PHP code into HTML pages, payment gateways and product catalog.

Learn PHP Language

Learn PHP syntax, expressions, variables, operators, functions, arrays, loops, protocols, conditions, events, flows etc. to develop a PHP website independently.

Learn HTML

Introduction to HTML and its elements, tags, hyper links, table, form, events, div and span etc.

Applicability to Industry Standards

Get knowledge about PHP with MVC architecture, Javascript, Ajax, XML, String Manipulation and Regular Expression, sessions and cookies etc.

duration of PHP training

training months

6month / 26 week or 27 week


9:00 to 6:30

web design training price

8000/- per month

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